The Future Prince of BOSH!!

The Official Jay Middleton Website

Jay Middleton, is the future of multi-generic talents to grace the clubbing scene.

His open minded sound and ear for the clubbing community, has won over fans from across the globe, his interaction and carisma, behind the decks make him an idividual personality that refuses to conform, to monotinous idealogies.

His various sets rangeing from TECH HOUSE to HARD DANCE, give him an open market to the clubbers and promotors nationwide. Its a common understanding that his perception of the clubbing scene, is not only made clear when he takes to the decks, but is also understood by the crowds who enjoy his mesmeriseing journeys, that his listeners partake.

So the future is here, and the Prince of BOSH will help you on ur clubbing journey.

So if u like your Dance music & experimentally based sounds then look no further: "Jay Middleton likes it Dirty, Faster, Funkier but miles more fun"